4 New Car Features & Upgrades Optimal For Professional Photographers


Traveling in a reliable vehicle is an important aspect for any photographer. Whether it's a location shoot, a wedding venue, or a photography workshop, a car is a huge part of the business. While using a vehicle for photography, there are a number of features that can cater to the career, photo sessions, and completing the job. As you shop for a new vehicle, there are four different features to look for that cater specifically to photographers. These features can help with the everyday tasks associated with the world of photography.

Rear Bumper Protector

Protecting your new car is just as important as protecting the gear you travel with. Lighting kits, tripods, reflectors, and camera bags are usually stored in the trunk of a vehicle. When hauling items in and out for sessions, it's easy to loosen a grip and scratch the bumper of a car. One of the options you have for a new vehicle is a rear bumper protector. These protectors are installed directly over the rear bumper to help prevent dents and paint damage.

Depending on the vehicle you choose, the bumper protector may have extra grips on it. This is great for climbing into a back cargo area of larger vehicles like an SUV. It also allows you to lean equipment against the bumper as you prepare for the photo shoot.

Trunk Sub-Floor Organizer

A lot of new cars no longer come with a spare tire in the trunk. An inflator kit takes up a lot less space, giving you open room in the spare tire hole for your trunk. One easy upgrade you can add to this area is a trunk sub-floor organizer. The organizer is made to fit inside the spare tire hole and features formed compartments for organizing items. This is perfect for emergency photography accessories. The compartments are ideal for holding lenses, cleaning cloths, extra batteries, memory cards, and even an emergency outfit.

A largest area in the sub-floor organizer is a great spot to hold a spare camera. It's nearly impossible to predict when a camera will malfunction, so it's important to have a spare camera available. Keeping it in your trunk will save the weight of lugging it around and prevent you from accidentally leaving it at home.

App Connections

Photographers rely on social media to connect to clients, book sessions, and post updates. All of this can be done on the go with a vehicle that is app connected. A touch-screen panel features access to a number of social media websites. This allows you to post updates, return customer messages, and and ensure that you photography business is as up to date as possible.

Sometimes you can connect your phone directly to a panel. This allows you to organize and upload image previews or highlights that you may have captured on the phone. Other app connections give you access to music channels and more. These extra channels can help you feel motivated and inspired for your next photo session.

LED Headlights

Lighting is everything in photography. If the sun is setting, you may be losing out on valuable light you need to capture a shot. Along with packing artificial lighting, a car can provide extra lighting for some great shots. Newer cars often feature LED headlights. These lights are bright, clear, and use up less battery power than traditional lamp-based headlights. This can help give you an extended light source while out on the shoot. For example, if you're shooting an image in a field, the LED headlights can create great shadows and silhouette effects on the subjects.

By playing around in the headlight view, you can quickly see how beneficial they can be during a session. If you're shooting night photography, an LED headlight upgrade on your car could really up give you light to see your equipment and properly select the settings.

Work with a car dealer to get one or more of these upgrades added to a vehicle you're interested in. Click here for additional info.


16 December 2015

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