4 Signs of Motorcyle Problems


A motorcycle is one of the most exciting types of vehicles to drive. However, when things go wrong with a motorcycle, it makes riding such an open and small vehicle risky when it comes to accidents. If your motorcycle has been giving you a lot of trouble, it is important to get it inspected as soon as possible. A minor repair might only be necessary, but it depends on the type of problems that your motorcycle has. Take a look at this article to learn about a few of the repairs that your motorcycle might need.

1. A Lot of Noise Comes from the Engine

There are a few things that can be wrong when the engine in a motorcycle is unusually noisy. For instance, it is possible that one of the valve springs is broken and need to be replaced. You might also need to get a new spark plug installed in your vehicle. If none of the parts are in bad shape, the type of fuel that you use could be the reason for the noise. You can try upgrading to a higher quality of fuel to see if the noise goes away.

2. The Motorcycle Is Difficult to Handle

When a motorcycle becomes hard to handle, it can point to the handlebar needing a repair. For instance, you might need to get the bolts tightened that mount the handlebar to the motorcycle if there are a lot of vibrations. The head bolt on the steering stem might need to be tightened as well. If you have a hard time steering the motorcycle, the steering stem might be bent out of shape.

3. Poor Performance When Driving at a Specific Speed

You should get a smooth ride from your motorcycle no matter how fast or slow you are driving. If there are problems when driving at a specific speed, a few things could be the cause. The spark plug might be damaged if your bike does not drive smoothly at a high and low speed. If the problem only happens when you are driving slowly, it points to the battery not having enough energy.

4. Brakes Do Not Function Properly

When there are problems with the brakes, a timely repair is necessary if you don't want to cause a collision. If your brakes are no longer able to keep the bike still when stopped at a light, there might be air inside of the brake line. It is also possible that you need more brake fluid in the motorcycle.

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13 March 2017

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