Not a Confident Driver? Make Sure Your Car Has These Helpful Features


One of the things that you should think about when you're shopping for used cars is your own aptitude as a driver. If you're not a very strong driver, that's all the more reason to make sure your new car has as many safety features as possible. You can buy a vehicle with a handful of features that will make you more confident and relaxed behind the wheel, as well as keep you and your family safer. You don't need to show up at the car dealership and declare that you're a bad driver. Instead, look for vehicles with these features as you try to decide what you'll buy.

Traction Control

Traction control is a handy feature for many drivers, but it becomes especially valuable if you're not very skilled behind the wheel. Traction control moves the vehicle's wheels independently to prevent them from slipping. For example, when you're trying to navigate an icy road and take a corner in a vehicle without traction control, the rear wheels will often struggle to gain traction, spin wildly, and result in spinning the car. When you have traction control engaged, the likelihood of you spinning in this scenario is much lower, making this feature valuable for those who aren't especially skilled behind the wheel.

Parking Assistance

Parallel parking is often one of the most daunting elements of driving for those who aren't confident drivers. You might find yourself spending more time and money looking for a conventional parking spot instead of just parallel parking on a downtown street. If this is the case, you'll want to find a car equipped with parking assistance. Many newer models offer this worthwhile feature, which uses a variety of sensors to assess the positions of the vehicles around you and will actually park the vehicle without you having to do it.

Backup Cameras

Backup cameras can make you feel calmer behind the wheel of your car. Those who aren't confident or skilled drivers will often feel nervous backing up to park. Some people are so nervous doing so that they'll actually get out of their car a couple times while parking, simply to look where they should be going. Many vehicles are equipped with a backup camera that connects to a screen on the dashboard. With this camera engaged, you'll be able to clearly see what's behind you, as well as hear a sound that lets you know when you've backed up far enough.


8 May 2017

Understanding The Value Of Auto Dealer Lots

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