Why A Used Car Dealership Is The Perfect Venue To Shoot A Horror Movie


Used car dealerships have such a variety of old cars that sometimes you wonder what kind of "life" these cars had before they came to the lot. There is a lot to imagine there, to be sure. Speaking of imagination and used car stories, if you are shooting a horror movie, a used car lot may be the perfect venue. Here is why.

Cars from Different Eras Depict the Passage of Time

One aspect that all good horror movies have is the notion that killers, maniacs, and ghosts continue on to infinity. What better way to portray this concept than with cars from different eras on a used car lot? Just start with whatever decade you want, remove the cars that are "newer" than that decade, and voila! You have the beginnings of a cursed main character. As the movie rolls on through the decades, just keep replacing the car or cars with other used cars on the lot to represent the passage of time and the immortality of the cursed character. It is perfect.

Terrifying Scenes Always Happen to the People in Cars

Think about it. When you shoot your film on a car dealership lot, you can shoot scenes of people in cars and something scary happening. Something scary always happens to people in cars in horror movies, or horror movies depict characters fleeing in terror in used, beat-up or rusted old cars. You have all the cars you need at your fingertips when you shoot your film on the car lot.

Used Cars That Do Not Start Produce the Most Frightening Scenes of All

Used car dealerships frequently offer "push, pull, and drag" sales where customers can bring in cars that do not start or do not work. They trade these vehicles for newer cars as part of the dealership's program. If the dealership allows you to film on their lot, ask if you can borrow a couple of these non-functioning cars for your movie. Nothing compares to the sheer terror and desperation of a character attempting to flee and discovering that the vehicle does not start.

As the Film Ends

As any horror film ends, someone always survives and drives off into the sunrise in a gorgeous sports car or new vehicle that will get them to safety. Any used car dealership would love the ad brand placements throughout such a film. Use a shot or two of the lot in the dark or near the end, and no dealership could refuse your proposal to shoot a horror movie there.


25 May 2017

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