The Flat Engine Vs. The V-Engine


Many engine designs exist. The most common design is the V model where you have two rows of pistons that meet at an angle where they connect to the crankshaft. This is the type of engine featured in cars that have a V-6, V-8, or even a V-12. The V refers to the fact that the angle of the pistons forms a V and the number following refers to the number of pistons. Another common engine design is the flat or boxer engine. In a boxer engine, you have two rows of pistons that lie horizontal to one another, which gives the engine a flat appearance. These engines are most notably used in Subaru cars, such as the Crosstrek, and in Porsches, such as the 911. The question then remains: is the V engine or the flat engine better?

Benefits and Limitations of the V Engine

You will find way more cars boasting V engines on the road than cars with flat engines. Based on this fact alone, you might think that the V engine is obviously the better choice. In fact, V engines do have a number of attractive characteristics. For example, V engines are not as wide as flat engines, so they take up less room in the engine bay. They typically feature just one header, which reduces the number of parts needed to make sure the engine runs properly. Also, because the cylinder heads face up, such tasks as removing spark plugs is much easier as compared to a flat engine where the cylinder heads face the side walls of the engine bay. For manufacturers who are looking for an engine that is inexpensive to produce and easy to work on, the V engine is the obvious choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for a fuel saving engine, the V design is not the best choice. 

Benefits and Limitations of the Flat Engine

One of the main advantages of a flat engine over a V engine is that the V engine stands taller than the flat engine. This gives the entire vehicle a higher center of gravity. The lower center of gravity of the flat engine gives a vehicle better lateral acceleration, better cornering, better grip, and decreased roll as compared to cars that feature a V engine. Furthermore, a flat engine has better balance than an inline or V engine, which means less vibration. The chief disadvantage of the flat engine is that it is more expensive to produce and harder to work on. 

Thus, if you are looking for a fuel efficient engine that will increase the handling of your car, looking for a car with a flat engine, like the Subaru Crosstrek, is a great choice. If you are a grease monkey, who likes to work on your own car, buying a car with a flat engine may lead to hours of frustration, and so you might be better suited looking for a car with a V engine. 


29 June 2017

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