Buying A Motorcycle? Don't Forget The Gear!


Riding a motorcycle isn't exactly the safest way to get around, but it is so freeing, so exhilarating, and brings so much joy that it's worth the risk. If you do your part in preparing for the worst by wearing the right protective gear, you'll reduce the risks associated with riding. Here, you'll learn what else you need to buy when you make the decision to buy your first Harley Davidson motorcycle.


Some states don't require that a helmet is worn when riding, but protecting your head will improve the odds of making it through an accident alive. There are other benefits of wearing a helmet including:

Skin Protection – A full face helmet will help to protect the skin on your face if you lay the bike down.

Bug Protection – It doesn't feel very good to get smacked in the forehead while you're cruising down the road at 55 miles per hour. A full-face helmet will protect your eyes from bugs and keep them from flying up your nose and in your mouth while you ride.

Bluetooth Capabilities – You can find a helmet that is Bluetooth capable so that you can connect your phone and listen to music while you're riding.

Sun Protection – You can choose from a number of shields for the full-face helmet you wear. Some are tinted to help reduce sun glare and filter out the harmful UV rays.


Whenever you fall, the first thing you typically do is try to catch yourself with your hands. Imagine trying to do that while you're crashing your motorcycle. Purchase a pair of riding gloves – these gloves aren't like snow gloves or mechanic's gloves – they are made of leather and have armor to protect your knuckles and other bones in your hands.


Not only will wearing a leather jacket look pretty awesome, but it will also help to protect you in the event of a crash. You can find basic leather jackets, or you can find armored jackets. The armored jackets have metal plates in the shoulders and elbows, and some even have spine and rib protection.

If it's too hot for leather, you can choose from a variety of styles of lighter jackets that have mesh built in to allow air to flow in and out.


Don't wear tennis shoes while riding. Your feet have hundreds of tiny bones in them, and you have to protect them. If you don't like the look of boots, you can find riding shoes that look more like tennis shoes but have all of the protection that boots do.

While you're at the shop looking for a new Harley Davidson, don't forget the gear! Keep yourself safe so you can enjoy riding for many, many years before having to hang up your helmet. For more information, contact your local Harley Davidson dealer.


24 May 2018

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