Contractor-Approved Tips for Buying the Right Work Truck


If you recently got your contractor's license and have decided it's time to buy a work truck, then it is important that the truck you choose both meets your business's needs and sends the right message to potential customers. To ensure you make the right choice, follow these contractor-approved tips.

Tip: Consider the Economic Aspects of Each Truck You Test Drive

As you test drive each truck you are considering for purchase, make sure you take some time to think about the economic aspects of their ownership. For example, your work truck will continually need gas and repairs, so analyze how that will eat into your business's bottom line.

In the end, a truck that has a good reputation for mechanical function and gets good gas mileage will serve you well for each job you take on as a contractor.

Tip: Don't Buy a Truck That's Undersized for Your Business's Future Growth

Even though you are just starting out and likely don't yet have a truck full of large tools to haul around, you should know the time for that will come sooner rather than later. Buying a truck that's undersized for your business in a year or two down the road will mean you are soon shopping for yet another work vehicle. Since this doesn't make economic sense, make sure you select a truck that is large enough for your business to grow into.

Tip: Buy a Truck with Locking Tool Boxes and Racks for Your Ladders

Tools are expensive and the last thing you need when you start out in the contracting business is for someone to get into the back of your truck and steal yours. For this reason, you need locking tool boxes built into the bed of the truck you select. In addition, you need racks where you can safely secure your ladders for transport. When you are tired at the end of a long workday, the last thing you will want to be doing is unloading tools into your garage or dealing with securing ladders.

Tip: Think about the Image Your Vehicle Sends to Potential Customers

It is important to note that not only does your work truck serve the function of hauling around you and all of your tools each day, it also serves as a traveling billboard advertising your business. While you can choose a personal vehicle that represents your personality, your work vehicle needs to send the message that you are a hard worker and take the professional aspects of your contracting business very seriously.


17 October 2018

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