3 Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Used Vehicle


Want to get a pre-owned Ford vehicle because you need a new car, want something that is reliable, and do not want to spend a fortune for it? There is nothing wrong with buying used. You will simply need to ask several questions while you are at the dealership before you decide if buying a specific pre-owned vehicle is the right thing for you to do.

1. What Types of Repairs Have Been Made?

It is always good to know what types of repairs have already been made to the vehicle over time. At times, a vehicle may never have needed repairs simply because it was not used much by the previous owner. However, there are times when multiple repairs have been made to a vehicle, including brake replacements and spark plug replacements. Just because repairs have taken place does not mean the vehicle is not going to run well, but it still helps to know if this is something that has happened or not.

2. Is There a Maintenance Plan Available?

When you buy a used vehicle, the dealership may offer a maintenance plan for free. If this is the case, you should take advantage of the maintenance plan because it could help you keep the vehicle in better condition for many years. The maintenance plan may include rotating the tires, adding air to the tires if it is needed, cleaning the brakes, changing the oil, and other simple tasks that will keep the vehicle you have purchased running smoothly enough for you.

3. What Kind of Warranty Does It Come With?

Most used vehicles come with a warranty that offers a bit more protection against potential problems that could arise. While you should have no problems with your used vehicle because it has been tested and repaired many times before being sold to you, there are occasional times where something may go wrong. If something did go wrong and you had a warranty that protects your vehicle, you would not even need to pay for any repairs or replacements because you would have that extra coverage. A good warranty will give you more peace of mind while protecting your investment.

Buying a used vehicle does have its perks. Although it may have been owned by another person in the past, it is likely in great condition and may even come with a maintenance plan and a protective warranty. If you are going to go ahead and purchase a pre-owned vehicle, you should ask a few questions while at the dealership to find out about any repairs that have been made and to get details on the type of maintenance plan and warranty that is available.


5 January 2019

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