Signs You Are Better Off Having a Brand New Car


Many people will tell you that brand new cars are expensive and lose their value fast. Those claims may be valid, but that doesn't mean that you should always buy a used car. Here are some of the situations in which a brand new car makes sense.

1. You Love New Technology

Technology has permeated almost all aspects of contemporary life, and the automotive industry is trying to keep up. Every year witnesses an explosion of new car features and technology. Here are some of the latest car technologies you can enjoy today:

  • Remote engine start 
  • Rear traffic alert systems
  • 360-degree cameras
  • Assisted steering
  • Blinds pot monitoring
  • Automatic emergency braking

You might not get some of these technologies if you buy a car several years old.

2. You Want a Forever Car

All cars age, but a used car will age faster than a brand new car. Material degradation, wear and tear, and usage are some of the factors that contribute to the aging of cars. For example, for a model that usually lasts 15 years for most users, buying a five-year-old car means you have already lost a third of the car's potential life. Get a brand new car if you want something that you can use for as long as possible.

3. You Want Peace of Mind

A brand new car can give you peace of mind in three main ways. 

Reliability: Other factors constant, new cars tend to be more reliable than old cars. An old car is more likely to break down in the middle of nowhere than a new car. You also benefit from fewer trips to the mechanic if you have a new car.

Safety: New cars come with safety features that older models might lack. A collision avoidance system is a good example of such a feature.

Warranty: You don't want your car to break down a short time after purchase. However, it is less scary if the car is brand new and still under warranty.

You Have an Open Budget

Most cars depreciate from the moment you drive them off the dealership lot. Thus, used cars are cheaper than brand new cars. Most people buy used cars due to their limited budgets. However, you can afford a brand new car if you know what you want and have the money for it.

On top of all the above reasons, you can get a brand new car just because you want to. Just do due diligence to ensure you get a good car. Visit dealerships like Schwieters Chevrolet of Cold Spring to learn more. 


20 May 2020

Understanding The Value Of Auto Dealer Lots

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