5 Great Features For Your Next Sports Utility Vehicle


If you are looking to purchase a sports utility vehicle, you want to buy a vehicle with all the right features to make the vehicle as useful as possible.

#1: Back-Up Camera

A sports utility gives you a lot of space to use. That is why having a back-up camera is so essential with a big vehicle. A back-up camera will help eliminate all the blind spots you face when driving a bigger vehicle. You can back up and change lanes with more confidence when you have a back-up camera on your sports utility vehicle.

 #2: Anti-Theft System

When you purchase a vehicle, you want it to have a basic anti-theft system. That way, if someone breaks into your vehicle, an alarm will go off. Additionally, having a factory-installed anti-theft system in your vehicle can reduce your car insurance premiums.

#3: Keyless Start

Keys for vehicles are not what they used to be. Look for a vehicle with a keyless start, where you need to have the key in the vehicle but not in the ignition to start the vehicle. This will allow you to easily and quickly start your vehicle, even if your keys are in your purse or in your pocket.

#4: Hands-Free Liftgate

When you are carrying a bunch of stuff out to your vehicle, you don't want to have to juggle the items around to open your vehicle. With a hands-free liftgate, you no longer have to get your keys out to open the back of your car. You can have your hands full of stuff and your keys in your pocket, but when you wave your foot over a sensor, your liftgate will open for you without you having to open it manually.

#5: Heated Steering Wheel

When you drive, you should be as comfortable as possible. Having a heated steering wheel can help with this. A heated steering wheel is a luxury that is worth indulging in. You no longer have to grip a cold steering wheel when you drive your sports utility vehicle on a cold morning out camping; you can enjoy the comfort of gripping a warm steering wheel, which will help you drive better.

When you start looking for a sports utility vehicle, look for one with a back-up camera, a factory-installed anti-theft system, a keyless start, and hands-free liftgate, as well as a heated steering wheel. Contact dealerships that offer models like the 2019 Nissan Rogue SL for sale to learn more.


14 January 2021

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