Tips for Making Smart Tire Decisions


There are many mistakes that people may make with the tires of their cars, and this can inadvertently put them at risk of encountering potentially serious problems when they are operating the vehicle. Unfortunately, new drivers will often be prone to making a handful of mistakes.

Switch to Winter Tires During the Late Fall

Underappreciating the benefits of using winter tires can be a common mistake that both new and veteran drivers will make. During the winter months, the roads can be much more slippery due to snow and ice. Winter tires are designed to provide better traction on these surfaces so that you can retain better control of the vehicle despite the road conditions being significantly worse.

Invest in Having a Full Tire as a Spare

Having a spare tire is essential to allowing you to quickly swap out a tire that has been punctured. Unfortunately, some individuals may only use a partial spare tire. These can be a viable option in an emergency, but they will have some noticeable limitations. In addition to having a relatively low maximum speed that they can support, these tires will also have a very limited range. To avoid these issues, you can choose to have a full spare tire. While this tire will be marginally more expensive, it can offer you far better performance in situations where your vehicle has suffered a tire failure. This can be essential for those that expect to regularly drive in rural areas as a traditional partial replacement tire may simply be unable to get them to a repair center before it becomes unsafe to use.

Replace Your Tires When They Start to Become Worn

Once your tires have suffered extensive wear, they should be replaced. This is necessary to ensure they are able to provide the type of performance that you expect and need when operating the vehicle. Worn tires can have the effect of dramatically reducing the traction that they can get while also increasing the risk of a sudden blowout occurring. While replacing your vehicle's tires can be somewhat costly, it is one of the most important steps that you can take to reduce the risk of being involved in an accident due to a loss of traction or other major tire failures. Regularly rotating your tires and monitoring the air pressure in them can help to reduce the wear that they will experience so that they may last longer before needing to be replaced.

There are many brands of tires to choose from, so if you have questions about Nissan tires or another brand, speak with a dealership near you. 


6 January 2022

Understanding The Value Of Auto Dealer Lots

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